About us

At the time Formosa House Rental was founded in Taiwan in 2009, it is just one of the common average house rental company.

Since when we became different? In 2010, the first foreign tenant told us his story: as an American, he needed more privacy and tried to find a private room to stay off-campus. Because his Chinese was not fluent enough for face-to-face discussions with real estate agents, he used house rental websites to slowly find and email landlords.

Firstly he wrote letters in Chinese to landlords, saying he wanted to check and rent their rooms as an American. He sent almost 70 letters and got only 3 replies. Secondly, he replied to the 3 letters in English and only got 1 reply this time. The only reply was from Formosa House Rental. And he, of course, became our first foreign tenant and close friend.

After staying in Taiwan for many years, he flew back to Texas to get married. Afterward, he said Formosa House Rental was the reason why he could stay in Taiwan for that long, long enough for him to meet his future wife.

This true story was the very beginning of how Formosa House Rental became different.

Ever since Formosa House Rental realized that there are so many people need to rent a house but got rejected or disputes in our society. 

Those tenants are not problematic. However, there are so many barriers among people. For example, the language barrier, culture impact, generation gap, international cash flow, afraid of the unknown, bias and so on.  Once the barriers exist among landlords and tenants, landlords will reject or dispute against tenants.  


Unfortunately, this phenomenon cross-culturally exists in different countries in the world.

In these many years, we step by step overcome those barriers to satisfy various house rental demands. Such as international tenants, pet-friendly, company bulky rental, summer internship, senior house rental, minority house rental.

Therefore, we turn to focus on and understand what tenants need and find proper house rental services in the local market. Formosa House Rental is no longer one of the average house rental companies. 

Because our thoughts are supported by house rental companies in different countries and also encouraged by our past international tenants, Formosa House Rental even goes out from Taiwan to Japan, providing a multi-country house rental service.


We hope old friends can keep supporting Formosa House Rental; new friends are welcome to try our service. Thank you!